Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scene Hair

Okay, so scene hair interests me for reasons that I'm not sure I can explain. I would never have the nerve to go for scene hair because it is so bold, but it is definitely something I admire. Scene hair is extremely layered, with short layers and the over all look is razored. The bottom layers are long, and the common colors are black, bleached, and bright colors. Scene hair is styled straight, with extremely voluminous upper layers. There are usually long, sweeping bangs that cover the whole forehead. Sometimes coontails are put in, which is bleaching/dying a strip of hair in stripes. Feathers are also put in, as are big hair accessories like headbands and bows. Scene hair isn't one specific style, it is a type of style that is highly expressive.

Vintage Hollywood Glam

Retro Hollywood styles were very elegant, well-thought out, and took a lot of crafting to pull off. These styles included finger waves, spit curls, and a lot of curly styles for medium length hair. Finger waves were a full wave effect on the whole head that went side to side rather than around like wavy styles do now. Spit curls were one round curl flat to the side of a woman's face. A popular length for these styles was medium shoulder length. Vintage icons are Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Never Ever Do!'s"

Hair has a very, very wide range of styles, colors, and cuts for everyone to express themselves in a different way. Technically, nothing is "wrong" if you are expressing yourself, but never catch yourself dead doing these things wrong:

1. Over teasing/Creating a rat's nest - seriously, do you want to look like that? I'm sure everyone knows this one.

2. Learn your shampoo schedule, but please don't go in public with oily hair...seriously, if shampooing everyday isn't your thing then make sure it doesn't look greasy or find a style to disguise oily roots.

3. Dye your hair a completely opposite color without plans to keep up on it - if you have blonde hair, don't dye it black without intentions to keep dying the roots. If you bleach dark hair, keep up on it. Honey, it's not ombre to leave it, it's a straight growth line. Do the lovely ombres some justice.

4. And please please don't go in public with completely fried hair thinking it looks great. If your hair would catch fire easier than hay, please stop and take care of it :)

Society's "Pretty" Hair

Everyone complains about the media putting pressure on young girls. Pressure to be skinny, have a flat stomach, have slim thighs and still have curves. Model thin seems to be the only form of beautiful these days, and that applies to hair too. Just like everyone comes in different sizes and shapes, so does their hair. Beautiful is not just sleek, black hair or big blonde curls. Beautiful is tiny, black ringlets, thin, stringy blonde hair, or frizzy, wavy brown hair. All hair is beautiful, and all hair has the potential to be whatever you want it to be. Short hair is beautiful, long hair is beautiful, and a confident woman with no hair is beautiful too. So keep your heads up lovelies, you're crushing your lovely locks <3

Chelsea Houska's Hair!!

So every girl seems to have a "hair crush" which is someone else's hair you wish you had. Mine is definitely Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2. Her hair always looks perfect, voluminous, and perfectly colored. She's definitely my hair idol for every hair style she's had from her brown curls to her bleach blonde straight hair, to her messy buns. Love her hair right to pieces! <3

Hair and Makeup Coordination

If you are styling your hair, chances are you're planning on wearing makeup too. Your makeup should always fit the hair style. If you have a soft hairstyle like curls, you should choose neutrals and pinks. Soft blushes and light eye shadow colors to widen your eyes are best. If you have an edgy hairstyle like straight hair, mohawk/faux-hawk, or an edgy updo then you can pull off a dramatic smokey look, winged eyeliner, or a red lip. The key is too judge how much your hair stands out and match your makeup. A red lip could also be used for a soft, romantic style but keep the eyes mellow and keep one focus. If you have your hair pulled back, that would be when you could distinctly highlight and contour your face (even though you always should!). Play the dimensions of your face based on how much face your hair is or isn't showing. NEVER apply a full face of makeup if you just have your hair in a ponytail or bun. You can apply some foundation to cover flaws and some mascara to open your eyes up, but no eyeliner or lip color. Always choose a hairstyle before a makeup style so you are sure to match your personality, makeup is easier to change than your hair once it is done.

Beachy Waves

Bummed about the winter? Missing the summer and the effortless waves you get in your hair after swimming? You can still achieve those loose, relaxed waves in the winter! You can use heat or you can use a sea salt spray to naturally wave your hair. To use heat, just curl your hair with a curling wand or an iron with a barrel larger than 1" then separate the curls to loosen them. If you would like to use a sea salt spray, Awapuhi Wild Ginger by Paul Mitchell has a great one, or Not Your Mother's is a more affordable option. You could also make your own by boiling water and sea salt together and putting it into a spray bottle.

High Hair Puts You Closer to Heaven

Big, voluminous hair is in right now! The bigger the better, Snooki and Amy Winehouse were onto something. Big styles have a soft, pretty appearance compared to sleek, sharp hairstyles. Big winding curls are a favorite hairstyle of mine because they are so elegant and pretty. Next time you're blow drying your hair, pull out that big round brush and work it up! Slight teasing and hairspray can help you achieve big looks.

Cosmetology Schools in Maine

Cosmetology is a growing and promising profession. When you go to cosmetology school, you will learn everything you need to know to pass a state test to earn your hair cutting license. You will learn about trimming, cutting techniques, coloring, styling, some nail polish and makeup application, and surprisingly a ton of science. You need to know about pressure points, head massage points, muscles, bones, and nerves in the body. You will also learn about chemicals and reactions. Cosmetology is growing because with machines replacing everything, your hair will always grow regardless. Capilo Institute and Empire Beauty Schools are the cosmetology school choices you have in Maine. Capilo is a little bit pricier, but in all it is better. Empire does not teach coloring, cutting, and styling all in the same program like Capilo does. Capilo is Paul Mitchell based, and Empire is Regis based. Capilo is located in Augusta, and Empire has locations in Bangor, Augusta, Portland, and Waterville.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bows Bows Bows!

Bows are the cutest accessories around right now, and have well become more opted for than headbands. American Apparel has a huge selection of bows which are adorable to pull your hair back with, put underneath a bun (preferably donut, because that's adorable!), at the end of a braid, or a tie a ribbon into a bow at the top of a ponytail. Patterns like floral and polka dots are cute, or soft solid colors like baby blue, soft pink, or white are always cute too :)

Product Review: Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint!

So this weekend, I got my hands on Paul Mitchell's Lavender Mint Shampoo & Conditioner from the Tea Tree line. I must say, this is probably the best stuff I've ever used! In the Tea Tree line, the Tea Tree is supposed to be soothing and tingly, with pure tea tree ingredients. The Lavender Mint is the moisturizing version, and is made up of lavender, mint, and tea tree. Finally, the Lemon Sage is thickening and has tea tree like the others. Because I have thick, coarse hair, I decided to try the Lavender Mint. I was suffering from dry ends, a dry, itchy scalp, and tons of frizz to go with it. It was obvious my hair needed some TLC, and I've always loved Paul Mitchell products. Before, I used John Frieda Brilliant Brunette products used to nourish my hair and make my color vibrant. I have found that the Lavender Mint does a way better job of nourishing, and my color looks silky and fresh. When I first used the shampoo, I used about a quarter sized amount and worked it into a thick lather. It was soothing and refreshing, and the lather was tingly on my scalp. When I rinsed it out, my hair felt clean and not weighed down, but it didn't feel stripped of nutrients. Then, I used the conditioner and I am not lying this was the best thing I've ever used. I used 5 pumps (the pumps are small, and I have thick hair!), and I worked the conditioner through my hair, starting from the tips and working my way up. I then massaged my scalp, and my whole head started to relax and my hair felt softer than it ever had before. I rinsed the conditioner out, then I got out of the shower and squeezed the extra water out. My hair was damp, so I used my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (See my diffuser post for a brief description of how I use it!) and I did NOT brush or comb my hair, just finger combed. My hair dried soft, sleek, and frizz free. This is over all the best thing I have ever used, I would recommend it to people with thick, coarse, frizz-prone, or dry hair. I would NOT suggest it to people with thin hair, but I would suggest one of the other types from the line.

The Donut/Sock Bun!

The donut bun is a new highly worn hair style that pretty much all girls have thought about wearing. The bun looks like a perfect donut, and there are plenty of ways to style it. You can use a bun maker that is a sponge like material and a perfect donut shape. You could also use an old sock, which some people think is disgusting but it works much better for long hair. You could also improvise and use just your hair, but only patient people with thicker hair types can do this. You will also need bobby pins for all techniques, and a hair tie. To use the bun maker, simply gather your hair into a pony tail where you would like your bun. Slip your pony tail into the bun, then spread the pony tail out around the bun, evenly covering it. Then secure the ends with either a pony tail or bobby pins, and hide the stray ends. To use a sock, take an old tube sock and roll the leg down over and over until it looks like a donut. Cut the tip of the sock off, and roll it to the end. Then repeat the same process, or slip the pony tail into the sock at the ends, then roll the sock all the way down the ponytail so the ends roll down. Then make sure your hair is evenly spread around the bun. You can secure it if you need to, but you probably won't need to. To use no foundation at all, take a pony tail then twist it all the way, then wrap the twist in a circle to create what looks like a cinnamon bun. You could also take section by section of the pony tail and roll it into loops then bobby pin them arranged in a circle. This takes a lot of time though, it is not suggested. The sock is definitely the best method over all. The bun is definitely the cutest bun, and is the most polished.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Using A Diffuser

A diffuser can be a very useful, but very confusing tool. The diffuser itself is a round attachment with holes spread around it and plastic tube-like teeth with holes at the end. What it does is dry curly hair and make it frizz free. Blow dryers can always damage your hair, but using a diffuser on a low temperature can create a nice, polished, yet effortless style. When I use a diffuser, here is what I do:

1: Start with damp hair, and apply a moisturizing serum. I prefer to use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. Just one pump on the ends really keeps the ends soft.

2: Apply a heat protectant spray, because you will be using heat and you will be damaging your hair. Chi 44 Iron Guard is definitely a favorite of mine, but if you can't afford it, Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray or Got2B Guardian Angel work just as well.

3: Once you have protected your hair, use a curl defining scrunching spray. NOT A SPRAY GEL! The absolute best one to use is the Regis Designline Curl Lock Scrunching Spray. This is a light spray with great results. Once you have sprayed all of your damp hair, scrunch the hair up from the tips. Hold the hair all scrunched together for 2-3 seconds, then keep scrunching.

4: Here is where you can use gel! Take a quarter-sized drop of hair gel, rub it in your hands to warm it up, then run part of it through your hair. Use the gel left on your hands to scrunch once again. This is now when you will want to part your hair the way you want it to dry. DO NOT GET GEL ON YOUR ROOTS! This will make your hair look excessively oily.

5: Now, on low blowing settings and warm heat (not hot!) hold the diffuser at the end of the hair so it is balancing, then move the blowdryer up so the hair scrunches slightly. The teeth on the diffuser should be touching your scalp, and you should slowly twist the diffuser back and forth as if to massage your head. Do this for about 10 seconds per section, then move to another. You may need to do some sections more than once, but not back to back! Keep doing this until your hair is 80% dry!

6: Enjoy your natural wavy curls!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Classic French Braid

The French braid is a very classical hairstyle that is very old but still very modern. The pictures above are variants of the French braid, most being a single braid. Smaller versions of French braids can be used as decoration in hair, or can keep bangs out of your face. The last photo featured is a winding french braid. Once you master the traditional French braid, you can shape it by carefully selecting the pieces pulled back into it. The French braid is sooo adorable, and can be worn as a casual hairstyle, can be worn in sports events, or can be worn as a formal hairstyle with proper dressing up of it. This is DEFINITELY a braid that every girl should have in her tools of the trade, and I will post a tutorial for you girlies who don't know how to do this braid!


So, this is basically a blog about hairstyling. There will be tips and tutorials on different hairstyles, techniques, and I will probably do product reviews! I will talk about different braid styles, because I really enjoy braiding. I might possibly also talk about hair care and remedies for your hair. Your hair is a form of expression, it's not just set in stone like your facial features. Love and care for your hair, and you'll never have another "my hair doesn't like me!" day again!