Monday, February 18, 2013

The Donut/Sock Bun!

The donut bun is a new highly worn hair style that pretty much all girls have thought about wearing. The bun looks like a perfect donut, and there are plenty of ways to style it. You can use a bun maker that is a sponge like material and a perfect donut shape. You could also use an old sock, which some people think is disgusting but it works much better for long hair. You could also improvise and use just your hair, but only patient people with thicker hair types can do this. You will also need bobby pins for all techniques, and a hair tie. To use the bun maker, simply gather your hair into a pony tail where you would like your bun. Slip your pony tail into the bun, then spread the pony tail out around the bun, evenly covering it. Then secure the ends with either a pony tail or bobby pins, and hide the stray ends. To use a sock, take an old tube sock and roll the leg down over and over until it looks like a donut. Cut the tip of the sock off, and roll it to the end. Then repeat the same process, or slip the pony tail into the sock at the ends, then roll the sock all the way down the ponytail so the ends roll down. Then make sure your hair is evenly spread around the bun. You can secure it if you need to, but you probably won't need to. To use no foundation at all, take a pony tail then twist it all the way, then wrap the twist in a circle to create what looks like a cinnamon bun. You could also take section by section of the pony tail and roll it into loops then bobby pin them arranged in a circle. This takes a lot of time though, it is not suggested. The sock is definitely the best method over all. The bun is definitely the cutest bun, and is the most polished.

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  1. I love how the bun looks. Its like perfect in the picture!! -C.S