Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hair and Makeup Coordination

If you are styling your hair, chances are you're planning on wearing makeup too. Your makeup should always fit the hair style. If you have a soft hairstyle like curls, you should choose neutrals and pinks. Soft blushes and light eye shadow colors to widen your eyes are best. If you have an edgy hairstyle like straight hair, mohawk/faux-hawk, or an edgy updo then you can pull off a dramatic smokey look, winged eyeliner, or a red lip. The key is too judge how much your hair stands out and match your makeup. A red lip could also be used for a soft, romantic style but keep the eyes mellow and keep one focus. If you have your hair pulled back, that would be when you could distinctly highlight and contour your face (even though you always should!). Play the dimensions of your face based on how much face your hair is or isn't showing. NEVER apply a full face of makeup if you just have your hair in a ponytail or bun. You can apply some foundation to cover flaws and some mascara to open your eyes up, but no eyeliner or lip color. Always choose a hairstyle before a makeup style so you are sure to match your personality, makeup is easier to change than your hair once it is done.


  1. You could still put make up on when you're hair up though, oviously not a a lot. But no one should put on a lot. Its not attractive. But girls go bold all the time with up do's for prom and stuff.

  2. I don't think that people should try and be bold with their make up unless they can actually pull it off. People try and wear bright colors all the time and honestly it doesn't look as good as they think it does. Sorry but I kinda think that people should watch what they wear and not go too over board or they might end up looking like a circus clown. Just my opinion, but less is more and ask any professional makeup artist about that :P

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